Sunday, April 23, 2006

yipes stripes

From Kiss Your Shadow (I found it from a mention on the Cast-on podcast ('s all the way back at episode 5, or 4, somewhere in the beginning. I'm rotating podcasts to listen to so I'm waaay behind on all of them, back in the past if you will -- but eventually I will catch up).

This site/tool is so cool. I spent far too much time playing with the little stripeys. I did manage to restrain myself from running to the nearest secret hiding place closet and grabbing a bin bringing the colors back to run a Real Life Simulation (TM).

Not that I have anything striped that I need to make at them moment. I am working on a striped hoodie for myself but it's from a pattern and considering that I am probably close to 2/3 done I'm not ripping the thing out now and starting with new stripes.

But this is fun to play with and could be very useful in the future if I want to make something with stripes.

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