Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Watching a friends kids again today. It's fun to have them in the house, even funnier to try to figure out what they are saying.

Miss P wanted a snack. The conversation went something like this:

P: I'm hungry
Me: Do you want some graham crackers?
P: I don't like graham crackers
Me: What about some popcorn (which her sister and D were eating)?
P: I don't like popcorn
Me: I have apples
P: I don't like apples
Me: Well then I guess I don't have anything you like
P: You have no food?
Me: I have lots of food but you don't want to eat what I have
P: How do you know what I want?
Me: Okay, what do you want
P: I really like boo-yoni
{took a minute for my brain to process this and realize that she meant bologna}
Me: I don't have any boo-yoni. But I have cheese, would you like some cheese?
P: I don't like cheese.
Me: I guess we're back where we started.
P: What about cream cheese?
Me: We have that.
P: Okay, I'll take cream cheese
Me: On bread?
P: Yes, on bread
P: I don't like butter
Me: This isn't butter, it's cream cheese, see, it's white
P: We buy white butter
Me: Okay, but this isn't butter, it's cream cheese
P: Okay, just checking
Me: Want some grapes to go with this?
P: Yes please

And apparently Miss P does not eat crusts so Tobi was the lucky recipient of crusts with the smallest smear of cream cheese on them. He didn't get any grapes though.

links i like

Here's another list of things found on the internet that sparked my interest, hopefully you'll find something that appeals to you too. - a brief exerpt from a book about hats. Pretty fascination stuff. I may have to take out the book, Fashion and It's Social Agendas. Although I already have a lot to read this one looks quite fascinating.

I like to make stuff. She lives in Wales, I like the way she writes and she's very creative. I don't really need another crafty person on my blogroll who is so much more talented than I am and I know I will never be that creative. But I like her stuff and want to read more so on the list she goes.

wfmw - yarn stash

It happens to be Wednesday and I happen to have a tip so I thought I'd jump in the fray here. Don't forget to check out Rocks In My Dryer for more great tips.

I recently reorganized my yarn stash. My biggest problem is that I have a lot of yarn and sometimes forget what I want to do with it or forget where I put it. While I still have boxes in the closet I have also decided to reorganize by taking projects and their pattern and putting them into bags and hanging those bags on hangers in the closet. This way when I am looking for a new project or want to work on a project I started and stopped I can go through the bags. Makes the closet neater, keeps the projects neatly organized and definitely works for me.

update 2nd week of march

Been busy but here's a quick goings on...

Spring MUST be here, or at least around the corner. Spooky, my little donkey friend, is now out happily munching away on the new grass in his yard.

Sold Girl Scout cookies this past weekend. In the cold. In the rain. There we were, huddled under the overhang of the hardware store, with the precious cookies at the back to make sure they didn't get wet. But we did well, sold quite a few and many people donated cookies for the girls to take to the Veterans Hospital next month.

S is coming home this weekend. Can't wait to see her, I miss her so much. It's only for a week so we'll have to make the most of the time.

Aside from that it's study study study...something I must get back to.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Just taking a break from studying...this unit I have not one but two papers due in two weeks. But my eyes are going blurry from reading and reasearch (and I can't find my glasses) so I'll stop and blog a bit.

Musing...why is it that I now need glasses to read but not on the computer? Seriously. When I read a book or magazine my eyes start to go all sploodgie and I have a hard time focusing on the page after about one minute. Something I'm not used to but I'm having to remember where my glasses are. It's kind of funny really.

Knitting...well...crocheting. I've put the shhhhh shawl aside for a bit because I have been obsessed with crocheting blankets. One is for S and the other is for someone else. Don't know why, they're just scrap blankets but I am motivated to get them done. Then it's on to flowers for our charity project, an aran square for a Stitch Sisters project, placemats for our charity project (we're making placemats for Meals on Wheels), and ----see next item

Adding to the list: Whoo boy! Somehow I just can't seem to help myself. I keep adding new projects all the time. I thought I had gotten back on top of my list but it's growing again. When visiting my Mom I saw some gorgeous beaded wristlets that someone had made. I made some notes. I just happened to see some cute, soft yarn and the right size beads. So it's sitting waiting for me. When I joined Ravelry I found the Firefly fan groups and dang-it now I need to go make me a Jayne Hat . D wants one but I think I have enough yarn to make two...when I get to it. Of course the big news is that the original will be up for auction in September. Lots of people want to get their hands on it so they can correctly chart it.

Snow, snow and more snow. Last week....8 inches of snow. This past weekend? 6 inches of snow. If I hadn't seen robins with my own two peepers I might not believe that spring is really coming. Thank goodness for the woodburning stove but seriously I could use some springtime right about now.

Movies: Watched Waitress Dont' bother. I didn't really like it, am not sure why I finished watching it. There were a couple of nice bits but overall it was about people having affairs and guy bashing. Not really my thing. Saw Aquamarine with D. Sweet movie, especially if you are teenager. Not really up my alley but it was nice to spend the time with her and she liked it so that's good.

Books: Not reading anything other than school books at the moment but hoping to get back into some regular reading as soon as I am done with my two papers (see top of page). But if you have any good suggestions send them my way.