Saturday, April 22, 2006

back home

Yesterday we arrived at my in-laws house mid-day. After exchanging a few pleasantries Steve was put to work, again. This time helping my father-in-law install the new sink in the kitchen. My poor husband...his entire break has been spent working, building my tree house, digging holes for my mom, installing sinks for his dad. Some vacation, huh? We're calling it the "Handyman Special."

The kids were happy because they have friends who live in the area. Phone calls were made and they were all able to get together.

We went out to dinner to an Italian place down the street. It was nice to walk into town, enjoy a good meal together, stop for ice cream at the local shop, and walk home. There are definite benefits to living in or near town.

This morning we had a lazy was raining. D's friend L came over and they were able to play together again. They tried to go fishing but between the rain and the tangled fishing poles it didn't quite work out. It's really not exactly fishing season yet anyway. I'm sure the next time we visit they'll be able to catch and release all the fish they want to.

An easy drive home, put away all of our stuff and now settling back in to enjoy our last day of spring break. When we arrived back at the house we were greeted by the loveliest vista of our garden. All four calary pears are in full, glorious bloom. The front yard is awash with daffodil blooms, and the small rhododendron's in the front yard are blooming a vivid purple. The lawn also looks very green and luscious (probably from all the rain). It was certainly a wonderful welcome.

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