Wednesday, April 26, 2006


For breakfast this morning I decided to have toast with jam. Homemade bread toast and homemade red currant jelly (I have currant bushes in the fruit garden). It was delicious.

Unfortunately when I went downstairs to get the jam from the pantry I discovered *gasp* that this was the last jar. Last summer was the first year that I had enough berries to make jam, six precious jars. I thought it would be too sophisticated for my kids and Steve and I would be able to enjoy every last drop ourselves*. No such luck. They loved it. Here we are three whole months before I can make more and we are eating the last of it.

I was tempted, I admit, to hide the jar in the back of the fridge somewhere amidst the other jars in the hope that it would pass unnoticed. But I decided that wasn't exactly fair. Perhaps if I turn it around so they can't read the label? Nope, I decided that I'm glad they love it so much and put the jar up front where it can be enjoyed.

I did run out to the garden and look at the currant bushes to see how they were doing. They seem very happy, perhaps a little larger than last year; I spoke nice encouraging words to them which will hopefully convince them to make more berries this year. I'll keep you posted.

*side story: My mother tells that when my brother and I were little she and my father fed us lobster on the theory that we wouldn't like it and they could then always tell us, "Oh no, you tried it and you don't like it." We loved it - theory shot down. You'd think I would have remembered that when I was doling out tiny tastes "to see if you like it." hmmmph.

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