Saturday, April 15, 2006

play day

D and V both had friends over today. It was a great day for it. Bright sunny skies, slight breeze, in the 70's. I think they all had fun together. It's so nice when your kids are old enough to amuse themselves without having to be shepherded through each moment of a playdate. D and her friend wanted to go to the playground in the center of town so we headed over for a while. They got rid of a lot of energy on the playground and running around the field. V and her friend spent most of their time wandering around the yard, playing games and inspecting the woods.

After the friends left we tidied up a tiny bit (and I do mean tiny) and then V asked me to do a craft project with her. So she made a card while I scrapped. It was nice to sit at the table working together like that. D played "Spy Angel" and kept targeting us with the rubber chicken gun. When she ran out of chickens she used green peas lol.

Grilled cheese for dinner, movies on t.v., me hanging sheets on commercial breaks. Perhaps a cup of tea together and then an early bedtime for me. Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday so I can sleep late and...more's school break week.

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