Wednesday, April 05, 2006

charity knitting

It's a busy time for Stitch Sisters, my knitting group. We are currently working on our next project, 100 Hats for the Homeless. Our goal is to make 100 hats and then donate them to the local homeless shelter next November before the really bad weather gets here. So far we have 10 hats. They're really cute, all different colors and styles. It's a fun way to use up some leftover yarn.

We've also put together a knitting-related basket to donate to the Basket Auction at the church where we have our meetings. We've been meeting for almost 3 years now and they never charge us so we want to do nice things for them to let them know how appreciative we are. Wendy, one of our extremely talented members, made a basket liner with sewn pictures of knitting needles, yarn, etc. Very very cute. Then we filled the basket with yarn, needles of different sizes and a couple of books. I'm hoping it fetches a good price. The lovely thing about this kind of donation is that everyone contributes a little bit and you wind up with a really nice gift.

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