Thursday, April 06, 2006

frazzled part two

The second thing on the frazzle factor list was the juggle fondly referred to as the Mom-taxi. It started as soon as D came home from school. She had to unpack her backpack, pack a dinner to take to tonight's dress rehearsal for the school play, and get out the door in time to be there an hour earlier than published on the schedule. Don't ask me why they bothered to publish a schedule but they did and then they tell the children about the changes?!? How strange is that. But I called the school and verified, yes, she's supposed to be there an hour early.

Drop her off, rush to the next town to pick up her sister at an after-school art program. On the way D calls and tells me that she needs pants for her costume. Huh? Why wasn't there a note? She doesn't know but she does know that she's got to have those pants. Brown or tan. I stop at a local store on the way home, grab the first pair of brown pants that I see in her size (well, close, they'll have to pin the waistline). To the checkout, pay and leave.

Stop for gas on the way frazzled somehow that I FORGOT to put my gas cap back on my car! Thank goodness it's attached by a little plastic thingy. Some guy in a huge truck kept creeping up on me in traffic (I'm in my itty bitty cute Scion) and I'm getting nervous. Then I realize he's shouting at me. I look over and hear the word gas cap. OMG. Luckily there was a bit of a traffic jam. With a very red face I unbuckle, get out, reconnect the gas cap, profusely thank the guy (who says, "Wouldn't want you to lose any of that hard-earned gas." -- no kidding the stuff is up to $2.69 per gallon!!), get back in buckle and drive away.

Next stop. The library in the neighboring town. I realize as we pull up to a parking space that it's 4:58. I think the library closes at 5 pm on Thursdays. Yup, that's what the sign out front says. So I start running with V in the background going ????. Get there dive into the stacks, grab a book (a Mercedes Lackey title in case you are interested) just as a huge bell gongs and the librarian in a loud stern voice says, "The Library is Closed!" Whaa?? Not even a chance to read the dust cover to make sure this is one I haven't read before I dive for the counter, plonk down my book and smile. The librarian says, "Returning?" "No." "Checking out?" "Yes" Another smile. She checks the book out and we head back to the car. In the car I read the dust jacket and discover that it is, luckily, one I have not read before.

On the way home we divert to the school to drop off the aforementioned pants. D is running around with all the other little indians in the hallway. None of them are in brown pants. I hand her the pants. She gives me a hug and one little indian says, "They're supposed to be khaki's." !@*#$($*# What!!! I'm NOT going back to the store today. I'm sure a note will come home from somebody connected to the play who probably thinks I am a total doofus for bringing my daughter brown pants when they clearly wanted khaki. Oh well. I guess I'm going to the store tomorrow too. Bleah.

Back to the the dough...shove dinner at V and head off to Stitch Sisters where I have not been for far too long. More later.

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