Wednesday, April 19, 2006

fifty-dollar taco meat syndrome

My friend Karen once told me about something that she called the $50 taco meat syndrome. It's where you go into the grocery store for taco meat and walk out $50 later. I thought of it today when it happened to me today, not for the first time I might add.

V invited a friend over. After we picked her up we stopped for gas. Decided on hamburgers for dinner so I needed to stop at the grocery store for hamburger meat. And buns. And lettuce. And tortillas "while I was there." Plus chocolate milk for tonight's ice cream. Oh yeah...gotta have ice as I'm sure the ice maker hasn't replenished itself. I think we need juice and it's on sale. Ooh, the sweet potatoes look nice. $44 later I'm walking out of the store wondering just how that happened. And I was really good folks, I didn't even go into the middle aisles...just the perimeter (I sent the kids in after the buns for fear of aisle purchases). It's amazing how that works.

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