Monday, April 03, 2006

baking day

Today is/was baking day. No bread today, I'll probably do that on Thursday this week. But I did make three snack loaves, an apple oatmeal bake thing-y and pita bread.

The snack loaves were made with fresh ground ezekiel flour. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to my husband for getting me this grain mill. I LOVE it! The flavor of my snack loaves always changes depending on what I have on's a basic recipe for quick bread and then just throw stuff in there. Today was millet, apple, pear and raisin. Yummmmm.

The apple oatmeal thing-y...well...we'll see how it turned out. It was modified from a recipe that I found on the internet. Basically oatmeal, raisins, butterscotch chips, walnuts, apple butter and milk all layered into a pan and baked. I'm a little bummed because after the second layer it became very clear that my pan was not deep enough and I attempted to slop artistically slide gently shift everything into a new pan. I'm sure you all know exactly how successful that was. However all the ingredients were there and the top layer was layered so who knows. It looks cooked and smells delicious, we'll try it and find out.

The pitot (plural for pita) were fun to make. I did learn that next time I need to roll them out a little thinner - they came out fine for a first attempt, pocket-like and tasty. They are a little on the yeast-y side so I may try reducing the amount of yeast by just a tiny bit. The bottoms are a little thick but hopefully rolling them thinner will take care of that. They were surprisingly easy to make and when this batch is gone I plan to make another one (perhaps even on Thursday) to see if I can get them thinner and lighter.

It was fun doing all this different baking today.

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