Thursday, April 27, 2006

whirlwind evening

Tonight was a busy night, lots of activities going on.

It started with D's Girl Scout meeting. I am helping the girls earn a couple of badges so those meetings where we are doing work specific to those badges I need to be there. Today they were picking flowers which they then pressed. At the next meeting they'll use them to decorate haiku's that they wrote which will be turned into a Mother's Day gift. It should be a beautiful project. We also worked on other stuff but that was the fun part of the evening for them. Especially the fact that they got to run around outside and burn off some of that excess energy.

I had to leave early to run over to Stitch Sisters. It was busy there too. We had a birthday party for one of the members and a surprise birthday party for the another. The birthday girl was not surprised since we tend to do that. The baby shower girl was very surprised and touched. It was funny as we were passing the cards around surreptitiously in order to get them signed (without letting the recipients know) trying to make sure that each got the other's card and not their own. We had two cakes, a cheesecake and a chocolate cake, so each had her own cake to celebrate. The gifts for the baby shower were truly lovely, a mostly handmade collection of wonderful things to show how very much we appreciate, love and support the new mom-to-be. It was great.

Back to Girl Scouts to pick up Miss D, bringing a piece of cake from the shower, and then home to bed. Definitely a full evening.

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