Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Ooh, this is dangerous stuff. My podlistening list has grown tremendously. Considering how inky-dinky my little town is it takes me a looooong time to listen to a CD but I'm managing. However one podcast leads to another. First of all they keep making episodes, imagine that, then they have links to and mention other podcasts. I go check them out. Ooh,that one looks interesting I'll have to add it to the list...never mind that they are already on episode 27 I've got to have them all.

And if that's not bad enough some of the podcasts have blog links, gotta have those. And they mention other blogs. Gotta have some of those too. Hmmmmm, this has got to stop. I'm going to have to declare a podaddiction moratorium. No new pods until I'm current on the ones that I've subscribed to. And no visiting Podcast Alley to see out new and different pods.

I'm going to have to find a way to thank Meg for this.

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