Tuesday, April 25, 2006

yarn musings

Ever since I bought those scarf-knitting needles I have been itching to knit a scarf. Amazing how that works...buy scarf needles need a scarf. Need a scarf, buy yarn. However...I've been really really good. I didn't buy any yarn. Even though I drove past two yarn stores today (well one was about 10 miles out of the way but I could have made it there if I really wanted to) (and did I mention that I was really really good?).

Instead I came home and fondled sorted through my stash. I'm leaning toward something with fun fur that I can give away. In a moment of knitting weakness mumbledy years a while ago I bought some valentine red fun fur. If I start now, in the midst of everything else, I might be able to have it done by next valentine's day.

While rummaging through yarn I came across a downloaded and printed copy of clapotis from who knows when. This made me decide to pitch the shawl that I was working on. I'll need to frog the whole darn thing and start over. But the clapotis looks so nice and will be beautiful and I've really really wanted to make one for the longest time. All the work that went into the shawl? whoosh shoot me now.

My Aunt Carol shared a story with me once about how my Uncle loved it when she bought yarn because she got more mileage out of it than anyone else he knew. She would knit a gauge swatch, rip it out, knit something, decide it wasn't what she wanted, rip it out, knit another gauge swatch and then knit the item. I'm taking her view...it's a matter of finding what the yarn really wants to be. Then and only then will the project finally get completed.

Well...it sounds good anyway.

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