Saturday, April 29, 2006

tennis anyone?

V asked me to go to the tennis courts and play with her today. We put on our sneaks, grabbed a couple of rackets and a can of tennis balls and headed off.

It has been, literally, years since I've played. I discovered that I still have all the right moves. They're just not hitting the ball. It was pretty hilarious watching the two of us.

V came up with a totally new move, the "granny stroke". Remember when you were a kid and you bowled "granny style" with the ball between your legs? It's something like that except with a tennis racket and ball as a return serve.

But still and all we had fun, running around hitting the ball, enjoying the breezy, sunshine and each others company. Perhaps if we practice enough we might wind up with a set that lasts more than three volleys.

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