Monday, April 17, 2006

feeding children

Is sometimes an impossible and thankless task. One has declared herself a vegetarian, the other claims she is a meatatarian. Neither of them seems to like anything I'm making these days.

Tonight for dinner I made some yummy bulgur stuffed cabbage. I even used the homemade sauce that I canned from this summer. I thought the cabbage was delicious. So did Steve. D, the vegetarian, has now decided the she doesn't like stuffed anything. V, the meatatarian, was distinctly unhappy that it was not stuffed with it's usual chop meat filling. Urgh! I made 1/2 of the normal recipe which still gave me 14 rolls. I now have three two-person packages sitting in the freezer. I guess Steve and I will be eating lots of candelight stuffed-cabbage suppers a deux.

You'd think that being raised with parents who enjoy all sorts of food you would get kids who enjoy all sorts of food. Somehow it's not working out that way. That's alright...the ultimate revenge lies a decade or so down the road. Eventually they'll have to cook for themselves...a decade or so after that?? They'll be cooking for their kids. mwahahaha

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Anonymous said...

do what my mother did with 4 daughters who all hated various foods. Each had to cook one night a week, the others had to eat the menu without comments. Those who ate all on their plates and did not complain, got to pick the pizza topping on Fridays (my mom's night to cook)