Tuesday, April 25, 2006

weedly wonders

I managed to spend a little time in the herb/fruit garden today. Pulling weeds and trimming things up a bit.

The rhubarb seems to have taken, at least it's not brown and dead where I separated the babies and planted them.

The first of the asparagus is poking it's heads through the ground (I know another not fruit in the fruit garden but there it is).

Found MORE lemon balm. Boy that stuff really took off this year. Frantically giving away pots of it.

The weeds are probably winning. At this point some of the teeny weeny plants are so small I can't tell if they are weeds or flowers

Me:hello, are you a flower or pigweed?
Me:hmmm, I guess I'll let you stay for now

V has a bed dedicated to her flowers. She decided she wanted her own garden this year. There is some garlic at the back of it but I put it in before she decided she wanted a garden so she's living with it. Her flowers are poking through (and probably some weeds). There are also what look like a few volunteer tomatoes coming up. She was horrified that there were tomatoes in the middle of her flowerbed and demanded that I pull them.
Me: ????
I convinced her that if she could just leave them be until they were big enough for me to transplant to another area I would eventually remove them. She reluctantly agreed.

Then she informed me that we are expecting a frost tonight and would I please cover her flowers with a sheet or something so they don't freeze.
Me: ????
I did check out the weather and it is supposed to dip down to the low 30's. I think her flowers will be fine. I'm also not maintaining her bed. She wants it, she works it. That's my philosophy and I'm sticking to it...until the weeds take over and I need to take evasive action to keep them from spreading to the rest of the garden.

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