Sunday, April 09, 2006

lovely sunday

The in-laws went home today after breakfast. It was a wonderful weekend full of lots of laughter, good conversations and hugs. Breakfast was homemade tomato juice, homemade waffles (from fresh ground flour of course), scrambled eggs, soy sausage and a heavenly ripe pineapple.

Over the breakfast table somehow the subject of how many people in a house versus how many bathrooms you need came up (wonder why?). My father-in-law said that if you have five people living in a house you need 75 bathrooms. I said if you had three daughters in the house you needed 75 bathrooms. Then my father-in-law said that if you had children you needed a balanced heating system with multiple hot water heaters (can you tell he's raised a couple of teenagers in his time?). My husband claimed you needed one hot water heater per shower, everybody has to dial their own hot water heater when they get in the shower. My father-in-law suggested a husband suggested a pay-box! At this point we were all helpless with laughter. Then my husband suggested 3 1/2 minutes for 25 cents. I was laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face. It was a fun and funny morning.

After they left we had a rather lazy day. Ran an errand, picked up a bit, took a nap, it's nice to have that kind of a day. I find that I appreciate it so much these days when my life seems to busy and full.

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