Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ice cream part two

We made ice cream again tonight. I bought ice at the grocery store so that we would be sure to have enough. Good thing because the kids had made two pitchers of iced tea and there was hardly any left in the ice maker.

Remember all those plastic ice cube trays that you think you no longer need when you get a fridge with an ice maker? And how in an effort to save space you decide that you will throw them out? Well guess what happened? uh huh I did manage to find two that had somehow escaped the plastic purging wrath. But we're definitely going to have to start bagging the stuff.

Anyhow the second batch was chocolate. It was delicious. Very chocolate-y. We all had seconds. It was a lot of fun, smashing ice, churning. V's friend L was surprised to learn that a long time ago if people wanted ice cream this was how they did buying it at the store. She mused that perhaps her great-grandmother might have churned ice cream. I'm thinking perhaps even her grandmother. Steve wondered who came up with the idea to churn milk and sugar in the first place. I'm not sure but whoever they were it was a genius idea.

Next on the menu we'll probably try some sort of a fruit or nut ice cream. We're only making 1 quart at a time right now which is probably a good thing so we can experiment with other flavors more often.

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I want some!!