Saturday, April 15, 2006

mulch update

After a hearty breakfast of whole wheat pancakes and homemade apple syrup Steve and I headed out to the mulch pile. Luckily the stuff is light because there was a huge pile at the top of the yard that needed to be moved around to various trees as well as around the tree bed at the top of the yard.

In hindsight spending 2 solid hours outside raking and shoveling mulch on my first day out of bed probably wasn't a good idea but we managed to get the entire front yard done so I'm happy. I also came inside and took a nap!

We decided to leave the pile at the bottom for tomorrow. I'm very pleased with the amount that we ordered as well as the quality of it. It's especially pleasing because unlike the cocoa-hull stuff that we got last time (the Nestle plant is near our house and sells the cocoa-hull by-products for landscaping) the deer shouldn't be as attracted to it. Imagine our surprise the last time we mulched to discover that the deer thought we had brought in a truckload of food for them!! They were pawing apart the beds and munching down whatever they found. Funny in retrospect but highly aggravating at the time.

Chloe loves the new mulch. She kept rolling in it and stalking through it. Playing with us while we were spreading it. Especially funny was how she would hide under the evergreens and then attack us as we were spreading mulch near her. She really is a garden cat and loves to be outside with us.

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