Friday, April 28, 2006

garden notes

Another beautiful day. I got out into the yard again and began moving a few things from the area that I am planning on ripping out, transplanting them to areas where I want to keep them. Where I have too much I am calling friends and asking if they want plants. So for no one has said no.

In return I did take one small spearmint since mine does not look like it's coming back. I need to put it in a better container before next winter.

Steve finished the tree house. People this is the most amazing, totally awesome tree house, ever! The bridge is cool, it's on cables and slightly bouncy. The house itself is cedar shake roof with lattice sides and an open viewing area. Cool, cool, cool! I am so thrilled. And when we went to sit in it for the first time we noticed an adorable birds nest there. Steve carefully checked and there don't appear to be any eggs. The birds may not come back now that we're using it, we'll have to see what happens; but I can assure you now that it's built I plan to use it a lot, thank you honey.

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