Monday, April 17, 2006


My blueberry bushes have finally arrived. I was so excited...they are comfortably ensconced in their bed in the garden. This brings my total to nine blueberry plants of three different varieties. Hopefully next year I should have a good yield.

I managed to work for about an hour in the fruit/herb garden today. Mostly cleaning out the overgrown herb area and trying to figure out which annual herbs I'm going to put in this year. For the perennials we have top bunching onions (not an herb but there they are), thyme (which doesn't look like it's coming back very well but we'll see), hyssop, cilantro (which self seeds and will be wherever it chooses to show up), lemon balm, sage and chives. I've got a rosemary in the house which I have successfully tended all winter and it is still in good shape which is a first.

I also planted some sunflowers, gotta have those, they're so cheery. Hopefully this year I've planted them well enough that the deer won't get them. Last year the pesky buggers stuck their heads over the fence and grabbed the sunflowers pulling the luscious heads to nibbling range.

The rhubarb was tightly bunched in two areas. I had given away some babies last year and it left more of a gap than I thought. I divided off a couple of sections and planted them in the gap. Hopefully I brought them with enough root stock that they'll flourish. I'll just have to remember not to pick from that area this year so that they can really establish themselves.

I love the fruit/herb garden at this time of year. There are not too many weeds and the garden looks so neat and orderly. Unfortunately it doesn't last long...eventually the weeds win. But who knows, perhaps with the change to fruits instead of veggies it will be easier to take care of.

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