Sunday, May 01, 2005


Even though it was cold, damp and icky outside this morning I hauled my tushie into the garden to clean up the front yard. The weeds are winning and if I don't get out there, regardless of the weather, it's going to be overwhelming in very short order.

I got most of the front yard cleaned up and then got sidetracked by Steve taking down and cleaning out all of the birdhouses. We have lots of them. I started to help him. It was amazing to see how stuffed in some of the nests were. One had a wasp building a new nest in it which was an unpleasant surprise. Now all of the birdhouses, including the purple martin house which has 12 nesting boxes, are cleaned and ready to go for the new nests. I've asked Steve to build one more bluebird house to put over by the raspberries.

Now we need to refurbish and set up the butterfly houses. Hard to figure out where to put them but it will be nice to have a place for them in the garden.

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