Sunday, May 15, 2005

do less

My Aunt Carol *waving since I know she reads this blog* has a Do Less philosophy. It's really quite simple. If you can, do less. Then you can do more for you by not creating so much stress in attempting to do more. Easier said that done but definitely a good philosophy.

While sorting the attic [see last post] I had lots of time to think. During that time I have decided to Do Less; at least one thing less. Originally I had planned to enlarge my raspberry bed, finish cleaning it out (hmmmmm, doesn't that sound familiar?) and then plant blueberries on the other side. I had already made arrangements to have someone come and rototill the area to be enlarged and selected, although not ordered, my blueberries.

Instead of creating so much work for myself I am going to leave the raspberry bed as it is. Maybe next year I'll have more time but for now I'm chosing to Do Less; thank you Aunt Carol.

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