Friday, May 27, 2005

tech update two

Okay, we got the scanner working. Yay us! Actually yah me and whatever braincells I have left after figuring out how to configure two USB networked devices to one overworked little computer. May be easy for some of you but hardware is NOT my specialty.

The next step is to fix the webcam-thingy. There's a persistent red light. I think that means it's not working. Actually I know it means it's not working because when I try to take a picture with it I get a pop-up window that tells me there was a device failure. Hmmmm....I think I figured that out already.

After that is the idea to purloin S's camera. And learn how to use it to see if I want to consider getting a digital camera of my own. This blog is sadly lacking in visual interest. It's getting there...slowly but surely. Bear with me.

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