Friday, May 20, 2005


On the verge of a migraine yesterday. So no Stitch Sisters. No knitting either. Still not feeling all that great today but at least I'm up and around instead of being laid under by a migraine.

I've decided to rip out the poncho thingie and turn it into a shawl instead. D still really wants a poncho but I've decided that if I make her one it will be out of an acrylic yarn (mostly to enable me to use up my acrylic stash but also because then it will be more kid friendly as far as wash, wear, destroy). Now I have to decide if I start the shawl now (after unknitting of course), start the poncho now, finish what's already on my plate. Plus there's always the fabric purse haunting me in the background because I STILL haven't finished sewing those dratted strips together. Next time it is definitely bias tape making time.

On the garden front I've decided to do even less and have purchase a farm share from a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm. Should be great to go once a week and get our "share" of the goodies. I'm still planting a few things but will not try to squeeze it all in. I figure the weeks I'm away I can share my share with a friend and everyone wins. Plus it's all fresh, locally grown, organic stuff. Can't wait for our first pickup.

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