Saturday, May 07, 2005


There's a meme going around the internet and I've been interviewed by Niina.

Here are my responses to her interview...if you want to be interviewed leave me a comment.

1. When did you learn to knit and how?
I learned five years ago, taught by my neighbor first project was a pair of mittens.

2. What is the most difficult thing you have knitted and how long it took? (And a picture would be a bonus)
The most difficult thing is the sweater I am working on, my first, it's a hoodie. I'll try to get a picture up but my scanner isn't cooperating right now.

3. How many UFO's do you actually have?
I've successfully managed to purge them down to 8.

4. What is the most fabulous yarn you have bought/knitted?
Oooh, this would be a fabulous handspun, hand-dyed wool yarn, I gave one skein each to my mother and my aunt.

5. Chocolate, do you like it or hate it? If love is the answer, what kind does it for you?
Chocolate...what's not to love! I have to confess that Cote d'Or Bouches from Belgium are my big weakness but anything will do in a pinch.

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