Tuesday, May 24, 2005

cheating not cheating

After I unknit the poncho thingie I decided to turn the yarn into a shawl. It's really much better suited for that anyway. Found a pattern I liked but it called for #10 29 inch circulars. Hmmmm. I don't have any. What to do, is this considered cheating on my yarn diet?

I voted no because (justification time):

A) I already had the yarn I just needed the needles to turn it into something useful.
B) I can use the needles for another project when I am done with them.
C) Supplies are not yarn. *grin*

I found a pattern I liked and this evening the girls and I ate dinner in front of the tv (what my Nana used to call "free eating") watching our favorite tv show Stargate SG-1 while I worked on the shawl. I managed to make a fair amount of progress considering that it is an 18 row pattern that is not intuitive -- at least not yet, we'll see as the project progresses. Unfortunately it looks nothing like the doggone picture. Even accounting for the fact that I am not using the exact yarn the project called for. I have decided that it's turning out okay so I'll keep going. I'll edge it in something nice and consider it a lesson in the old adage "seeing is believing."

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Niina said...

Supplies are not yarn, that's my opinion. Besides, if you want to dimish your stash, you have to have the right equipment :-)