Wednesday, May 18, 2005

art and ice cream

Art show today at the school. It's always fun to go and try to find the art project(s) belonging to your child because they are arranged in no order all over the room. Luckily D only had one project this year and it was fairly large and easy to spot.

In addition to the art there is an ice cream social to raise money for the scholarship fund. Plus raffle's a good money maker for the fund. Plus, of course, there's the socializing part. The parents mill around in the display area, the kids -- all sugared up from the ice cream sundaes -- run around like mad on the playground somehow managing to forget that just a few short hours ago they were there.

I ran into one person who mentioned that if you live in our small town this is one of the major social events of the year. Kinda fun when you look at it that way.


Prabhat Kumar said...

Nice writing..Just curious to know from where did u get this indian name for u..I dont think u r an indian..cud u tell me that

mira said...

Hi Prabhat. My name is actually Russian. My parents were having a tough time coming up with a name and my grandfather, who was Russian, suggested it. Mir is the Russian word for peace; Mira is the feminine form of the word.

Funny enough a lot of people think I am Indian until they meet me -- no bindi, no sari, definitely of middle European background.