Saturday, May 21, 2005

saturday in the garden

Woke up feeling more headache. Plus it was a gorgeous sunny day with a forecasted promise of rain. So off to the garden I tromped. Did a lot of planting, watermelons (let's keep our fingers crossed), tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, summer squash and some flowers. Cleaned out a lot of stuff and wound up spending four hours in the garden all together. No wonder I was tired at the end there.

Set aside one bed in the fenced area for V who says she wants to have a garden of her own this year. She's excited and hopes to plant her stuff this weekend.

The grey skies kept rolling in and rolling out. Promising but not delivering rain. Finally late in the evening we got a thunderstorm. It didn't last too long but hopefully long enough to wet the stuff I planted. It's supposed to be rainy on and off for the next five days. I need to get a few more things in the ground so I guess I'll have to garden around the rain.

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K said...

Thanks for your call the other day... I miss our talks and our visits. Our time together was much to short. You just HAVE to move back! LOL