Sunday, May 22, 2005

wet gardening

Took a planned trip with neighbors today to the local Herb Garden down the street. Victoria and her husband are wonderful people who grow all their own stuff organically, it looks beautiful, grows well, and they are veritable fonts of information. I always love going there and frequently spend more than I should.

As I was leaving Steve yelled out the door, "Don't spend any money!" Hah! Send me to a plant place and ask me to spend no money! Hmmph I say! I hid them in the back of the car so he wouldn't notice and then planted them when he wasn't looking shhhhhhhh. ps I'll have to figure out a way to drag the vacuum out there to clean out the car, also when he is not looking.

I was very good and only bought a few herbs, rosemary, of course, need to get a new one each year, some parsley, etc. But I did get a couple of sweet plants. There was a gorgeous mini-pink daisy that was too cute to walk by. Dang I need to get a digital camera. Either that or steal S's and learn how to use it. Still working on the scanner too, can't get that to function just right either. Anyway...back to the plants. I also bought the most luscious double petunia. In white. It looks stunning and has a heavenly smell. Then a sweet, adorable, little white something that looks sort of like a snapdragon but very miniaturized. Victoria told me what it was and as soon as I got home I promptly forgot. It looks cute with the double pansy and I have them in a container together in front of the vegetable garden.

Unfortunately while we were at Victoria's it started raining. When I got home I guess you could say it was more of a heavy drizzle than a rain but it was wet. I planted as quickly as I could and then came inside for a couple of fortifying cups of hot tea.

I'm a little annoyed that it's still so cold and it's near the end of May! We keep getting teased by the warm lovely days and then BAM! rain, cold, wet, grey. Urgh. Spring has not been very springy so far this year.

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