Monday, May 30, 2005

wonderful weekend

We spent the Memorial Day weekend with my brother and his family. It was so nice to see them, we always have a wonderful and relaxing time when we are there.

This time we did lots of activities. We went to Gurnet Lighthouse. Turns out that this is the only day of the year that it is open to the public. It was fascinating to learn some of the history of the place and to all squash into the top part of the lighthouse and look out over the ocean. As a special treat the man who owns the life saving station had it open and was giving tours. It was amazing to see all of the old equipment and learn about how they manned the place.

Another day we went to Plimouth Plantation which is a "Living History" museum of life in the 1600's when the Mayflower (and subsequent boats) landed in the area. The place is built authentically. On the Wampanoag Indian side there are people explaining how life was lived back then and demonstrating native crafts. On the Pilgrim side they had an authentic settlement with re-enactors who spoke and behaved according to the persona that they were supposed to be. We met a number of interesting people including Miles Standish and Priscilla Alden. The furnishings, the setting, the costuming and the people made for an amazing experience.

There was other fun stuff too like going to the beach and knitting and such. But I'm waiting for pictures *ahem* so I'll fill you in on all of that later.

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gurnetpoint said...

I am glad that you had a good time out on the Gurnet. I belong to the group that maintains both the Gurnet and Bug Lights. And for the gentleman who owns the "Old Coast Guard Station" which is the former U.S. Life Saving Station, that would be Dick Boonisar, who's father bought it along with the Boathouse below the Station. I grew up on the Gurnet as a kid and now live in Oregon.