Friday, May 13, 2005

nerdly stuff

Today is one of those days that brings on nerdly subjects simply by being itself. It is Friday the 13th of May.

triskaidekaphobia is the word of the day. Although technically it means fear of the number 13 many people have come to consider it to relate to Friday the 13th as well.

Which brings to mind that famous fearly person(?) Churchy La Femme of Pogo Possum and Okeefeenokee Swamp Fame. He was so afraid of Friday the 13th no matter what day of the week it appeared on. There's a copy of one of the strips here.

Last, but never least, today is also the Ides of May. Believe it or not that silly poem pounded into my brain back in 6th grade still remains knocking around in the grey matter - 'only on the 15th day come the Ides of March or May'. What exactly are Ides you ask?? this is the explanation of the Ides of May. And this is an explanation of Ides, Nones, and Kalends. Interesting information.

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Anonymous said...

Overheard at work while mentioning triskaidekaphobia:

"Did somebody say triskets?"

"No triskaidekaphobia, it's Friday the 13th"

"Phobia what? We ain't afraid of no crackers."