Sunday, May 22, 2005

attic redux

Since it was raining I decided this was a good time to revisit the attic and work on clearing it out some more. I actually made quite a bit of progress. Getting rid of more stuff, organizing, re-, or correctly, labeling. All good things to do.

Unfortunately I found more yarn. My goodness I certainly hid the stuff all over the place. Sorted through it...set one nice blue skein aside for socks -- someday -- and sorted the rest with the other stuff. I did manage to completely purge out one whole box of yarn so that's a good thing. However just as I was feeling virtuous about having an empty box [see through with a lid and everything!] V said she needed a box to organize more things in her room. I was planning to use that box. Not sure what for, probably more yarn, but I suppose I should be happy that she is at least organizing. I gave it to her. Now I need to wade back into the attic and see what else I can clear out.

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