Sunday, May 15, 2005


It was prom night last night for S. Luckily we have a "gathering" house so she and her friends seem to like to hang out here a lot. So three of her friends came over to get ready all together. I took her to get her hair done in the afternoon, it came out gorgeously. I'm not allowed to post pictures...her request...but trust me she looked beautiful.

They all showed up starting at 4 pm. We had quite a houseful. V had a friend over, D had two friends over, S had her three friends and their moms. The house got so full of women that Steve decided he needed to go for a motorcycle ride. It was a fun girly house for a while. The moms were busy fussing over their daughters who were fussing over each other, everybody helping everyone with hair, makeup, nails, etc.

Eventually they were all dressed and gorgeous. We took a number of pictures and then the prom belles headed off. We moms were all talking about how amazed we were that our little girls had turned into such grown-up beauties. It really was a breathtaking sight to see them all together.

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