Monday, June 06, 2005


This past weekend D and I went to a family birthday party for our cousin L who just turned 1. It was great fun to see everyone there. The other baby cousins M and E were there as well. Cute to see all of these babies together and expanding the family -- we played pass-the-baby for most of the afternoon. It was wonderful to see everyone who was able to make it and catch up with them. I even got to catch up with Wendy. She of blog-start fame who got me started blogging and then stopped! Well, maybe she'll start again some day...I hear she's been writing.

The party was fun. The food was absolutely delicious, the cake was really cute with a picture of the birthday boy, who didn't like his first taste of icing, and there was a even a magician! D liked the magician and said he was "awesome!"

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