Tuesday, June 07, 2005


My peonies are blooming! They're so beautiful! Such a sweet combination of pink and yellow, very different from the traditional peony. Although this is not an actual picture of MY peonies it is the same type so you can imagine what the bush looks like lush and full of blooms.

I had never seen this kind of peony before; luckily for me the previous owner planted it. I had always thought peonies were only the traditional colors and bloom types (except, of course, for tree peonies but I don't have any of those either).

The hardest part about having peonies though is all of the ants. I want to go pick a bouquet of blooms but when we do they don't last very long -- this type seems to be more prone to petal dropping than the usual kind -- and we get absolutely covered in ant bites. Better to just admire the beauty of the flowers while they last.

The bush was planted so that I can see it from my laundry room and my screened-in porch, so I really do get to admire/enjoy it a lot.


Judy said...

Maybe the petals are dropping so quickly because you are picking your peonies when the flowers are completely open. Peonies last much better if you cut them when the buds are showing lots of color but the petals are not fully expanded.

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