Saturday, June 11, 2005

carnival fun

My friend Gail's daughter E had her 7th birthday today. She had a carnival style birthday party. Gail hired S and D to work at the party. S did face painting and her "booth" was hardly ever empty. She did such a great job that even E's Grandma asked for a painting, S did flowers and vines twining up her arm -- it was really lovely.

D manned the bean bag toss and was great at it, moving the line forward for the smaller kids who had difficulty getting the bean bags in. She also slipped them extra prize tickets. This was to ensure that everyone was a winner.

Part way through the party there was a sudden thundershower. Everyone grabbed the food and ran into the screened in porch. After about 10 minutes they all trooped back outside for more carnival fun.

Eventually it was time for music and fun. E's older brother and some of his friends put on an impromptu concert with three guitars and vocals. They were actually pretty good. Everyone else changed into bathing suits and jumped into the pool.

The cake was a gorgeous girly girl colorful swirly confection with three layers and cupcake edges. Very fun. D said she wants one just like it for her next birthday.

The storm eventually came back but not until after everyone had eaten their fill and sang to the birthday girl. What a fun way to start off the summer.

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