Wednesday, June 15, 2005

too cute

Catching up on my blog reading when I come across a link on Ryan's website that is just too funny not to steal. Thanks for the heads up.

Part of the reason this is so very funny to me is because approximately 2 years ago my Aunt made me a "humorous hat". The humorous part is that it's an aran sweater! Complete with arms that you can either wear hanging down by your side or tie into a cute little top bow. I LOVE this hat and always get wonderful comments on it when I wear it.

A couple of weeks ago I came across this pattern and immediately sent it to my Aunt knowing that she would enjoy it.

And now the above. I wonder what's next? Sweater slippers? That would actually be quite cute, the arms could be tied to hold the slipper on your feet. Unfortunately I am nowhere near talented enough to create a pattern and knit it up on my own. But if anyone else cares to try let me know and I'll happily post it here.

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