Saturday, June 11, 2005

tupper here tupper there

Once again it has become time to clean out the storage cupboard. That's the one where we keep all of our Tupperware ™ and mock-tupperware products. We've tried so many different ways to keep them all organized. Lids in one box, containers stacked neatly nearby. Unfortunately after about 2 weeks of the kids unloading the dishwasher the neat stack isn't so neat. Even more unfortunately this situation is allowed to continue until one day the cupboard door is open and the containers leap out at you in a desperate bid for freedom.

At that point I take the time to reorganize the cupboard. My chief complaint is that either pieces have gone missing or the stuff is somehow multiplying behind closed doors. By way of example, this time I decided to move the stuff to a larger cabinet (that's probably a bad sign but we'll leave that aside for now) and pair all the pieces together with their lids. Any piece without a lid is set aside. Any lid without a container is set aside. I know the last time I organized the stuff I had everything matched up. So why do I have 14 mismated lids and 9 lidless containers? And I don't think I have any less pieces in the new cupboard?

Steve's chief complaint is why bother? Two weeks from now the cupboard will be a mess. Three months from now I'll be doing this all over again. He's probably right but I can't help myself, at some point I have to re-organize the stuff. It's some sort of a compulsion.

Now I'm left to ponder the following:

a. Do I keep the mismated pieces in the vain hope that their mate will show up?
b. Where do I keep them that I will remember that I still own them?
c. What the heck do I do with all of the stuff that was in the new cupboard? The old cupboard is smaller and the stuff doesn't fit!
d. Do I invest the time trying, yet again, to teach my dearest darlings to properly put away the stuff or do I just give up?

Any thoughts?

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