Sunday, June 12, 2005

bye bye books

*gasp* I'm actually getting rid of books. Every now and then a frenzied "got to clean this place up" mood hits me. In this case it was a need to rearrange books, again, to try to make more room. I realized that it is finally time to let go of the college text books -- mostly Steve's thank goodness. After all who needs a ## year old, probably out-of-print book on "The Effects of Thermodynamics on Propulsion"? And "The Mechanics of Mathematics" is probably so old it's been revised at least 5 times.

I tried very hard to find other books that might qualify for removal from the shelves but was quite unable to do so. I'm rather proud of myself though, 41 books are on their way to the town Library. There's another book sale in August so perhaps they'll find new homes. More likely I'll find new books but for now I have room on the shelves and can fool myself into feeling virtuous for having let go of some books.

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