Tuesday, June 14, 2005

book mania

Books are a weakness. It's amazing. I'm already reading two books; I go to the library to give them books that I am purging out of my house...I innocently browse the free magazine basket...then the free paperback book rack...then cast my eye over the new arrivals.

Kablooie! The next thing I know I am walking out having checked out a knitting book, a kitchen design book (I'm still dreaming), a crockpot cookbook and the latest Library Book Club book, Dress Your Family in Curduroy and Denim. This has got to be the 5th or 6th book club discussion that I have signed up for *sigh*. In every case I do manage to read the book but somehow I never make it to the discussion. Don't know how that happens but I'm determined to be there this time...I have until August.

Since I know you've heard me mournfully complain how little reading time I have in my day I'm sure you're wondering how I'll manage to read all these books. Luckily for me my library doesn't charge overdue fines. They have a conscience box -- which I do contribute to -- which helps because somehow I wind up keeping the books a wee bit longer than the date stamped on the cover. I guess I'll have to finish Kite Runner asap so that I can focus on Dress Your Family. I like to try to read the book club books at least twice. Once to read it and then again to examine it so that I can sound half-way intelligent when discussing it.

Stay tuned to find out if I actually make it to the discussion or not.

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