Monday, June 06, 2005

weather and beverage

Okay who flipped the weather switch? First it was a cold and damp May. All of a sudden it's a blistering hot, thunderstorm June. This weather stuff is going to drive me crazy. But bear with me because the cottonwood trees are in bloom, I'm allergic to the stuff and it makes me cranky when I have to stop every five minutes and blow my nose.

This sudden switch in weather had also necessitated a switch in our beverage choices. Right now D is downstairs squeezing limes to make our favorite limeade. Four limes juiced, six cups water, sugar to taste. mmmmmm, delicious on a hot day. S had made a batch of sun tea, before the thunderstorm. One of my personal favorites is darjeeling and black currant teas steeped together. I foresee lots more of these concoctions in our future.

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