Thursday, June 01, 2006


Lots of errands to run today. While I was out I had to drive past the ball fields which were full of Canada Geese all busy munching away on the grass. There were enormous numbers of cute little goslings there too. Several different sizes all waddling past their parents.

A quick stop at Agway to pick up some marigolds for the garden turned into more herbs and some potting soil for the catnip. Among other things I decided to try some caraway. If it works well I'll have some to use in baking rye bread this fall. Hopefully it will work out. I got another catnip, after Chloe destroyed the first one, and am planning to pot it up on the upper deck where she doesn't go. Hopefully it will survive and then we can keep her well supplied with catnip.

I was going to plant the stuff when I got home but it was too hot, over 80 degrees F. I decided to wait until later. Now it is storming like mad, huge booms of thunder, flashes of lightning and furious downpour. I guess I won't be planting today.

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