Thursday, June 15, 2006

running away

Listening to my last audioblog I realize how very tired I sounded.

We went back to my Aunt's apartment for a little rest before going out to dinner. The little rest turned into a 12 hour nap! But that's a really good thing...something I can't do at home with kids.

The next morning we were going to head over to The Frick Museum but I was still tired and so we lounged all morning. This means we also did not get to go to Gourmet Garage - with a name like that it's a place you just have to visit! Oh well, next time.

Packed up, bought real New York Bagels from the shop around the corner, ate a quick bagel sandwich in the park down the street, and headed off for Grand Central. I did manage to stop at Zaro's to pick up some Black and Whites for my kids. [my Aunt claims the bagel place around the corner is better than Zaro's -- I have to admit they were very tasty]

It was a great get-away and nice to be able to take some time to myself.

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