Tuesday, June 13, 2006

running away

at the ballet

For some reason the cell network is refusing to connect me to my audioblog settings so this post is courtesy of my Aunt's computer.

Last night we went to the ballet at the Met and saw Giselle. It was an amazingly wonderful, beautiful performance. I was swept away watching it and words cannot describe how very much I enjoyed it. Giselle was played by Xiomara Reyes, Albrecht was played by Julio Bocca with an amazing pas de deux performance by Erica Cornejo and Herman Cornejo.

After the ballet we went to the all night Star Light diner for dinner. I had a bison burger. I had never eaten bison before and found it to be very tasty. Very lean and in some funny way beefier tasting than beef (if that makes any sense). This was served with an absolutely yummy New York half sour pickle and a great cole slaw. Followed by an all-chocolate cake which had chocolate mousse and kirsch filling. Wow! Yum.

Then back to the apartment to collapse for the night. A very fun day, can't wait for tomorrow.


The Metropolitan Opera
Xiomara Reyes
Julio Bocca
Erica Cornejo
Herman Cornejo

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