Saturday, June 03, 2006

baking day

It's baking day because we are running low on bread and the temperatures have finally dipped to something reasonable enough to bake. Unfortunately it's still raining. When you bake bread and it is moist out, the properties of the dough change and it requires more flour. I was literally scraping the side of my flour mill bin to get more flour before I realized I just had to grind more for today's bread.

Next on the list was desserts. I made a double batch of brownies (gotta scroll down the recipe is at the bottom of that post); one for us and one for D's piano recital tomorrow. Unfortunately one batch did not come out of the pan cleanly. I guess that one is ours. That's okay, they may not look pretty but they are still tasty.

It was also a jamming day as I really need to start working on the rhubarb harvest. I made a batch of rhubarb apricot jam. Easy easy recipe.

2 pounds of rhubarb, de-stringed and diced
2 pounds of sugar. Let this sit overnight in a non-reactive pot
Next morning dice up 8 ounces of dried apricots and cover with a little water for 10-15 minutes
Add apricots to rhubarb and sugar
Bring to a boil and boil 20 minutes or till jelly-stage is reached
Jar, seal, process 10 minutes

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