Wednesday, June 28, 2006

works for me wednesday

WFMW is the brainchild of Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer. Every Wednesday you post something that works for you. I was too tired to post last night so my contribution is a day late.

We try to re-use the plastic bags that come from the grocer store. But where to store them. Three ideas that work well.

1. Stuff about 8-9 of them into an empty paper towel roll and leave that in your car. Then when you need a bag you have one.
2. Stuff about 30 of them into an empty large tissue box and put it in a closet (such as in the bathroom). Then when you need one there they are.
3. Stuff about 60 of them into an empty, clean milk carton with a hand hole cut near the top. It has a handle and is very compact. I keep mine under the sink in my kitchen.

It all works for me.

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