Friday, June 16, 2006

adventures in bread

Today we needed bread, so I baked. I ground a flour of 1 C. hard white wheat, 1 C. hard red wheat, 1 C. spelt, 1/2 C. lentils and 1/2 C. pinto beans. Instead of making two 1 pound loaves I decided to make one 1 pound loaf and two half-pound loaves. I cut a half pound loaf for lunch and it was delicious, a really nice combination of grains.

One of my children didn't see the cut small loaf put back in the bread basket and cut the large loaf. Not a problem as bread always seems to get eaten in this family. The problem was that the loaf in question was left on the butcher block...within sniffer range of a certain dog...who discovered for the very first time that has was tall enough to stand on his hind feet and reach the top of the butcher block. The loaf was in the process of being devoured when he was spotted enjoying his mid-day snack. Rats. I guess this means I'll be baking again fairly soon. Hopefully this will be an additional lesson to certain members of the household that nothing is safe if it is within puppy range.

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