Tuesday, June 06, 2006

stitchin' the night away

It's Tuesday and so that means Stitch Sisters. It was fun. Today was Sweden National Day so one of our sisters made a Swedish cake to celebrate, it was yummy.

We also shared prom pictures from our youngest sister, she looked beautiful. It was fun to see the final result after we all helped her pick her dress.

One sister is going on a cruise next month and we had an in-depth and serious discussion about cruise projects. The final result was: sock (small and portable), cotton (not wool, too hot), green (very festive, it will remind her of the cruise everytime she wears them) (she had brought four different sock yarns to pick from). We told her that we expect to see pictures of the sock enjoying it's vacation.

I finished another square -- yippee!! It only took me three Tuesdays to do that. hrrmph. At this rate I don't even want to think about when that first blanket will be done. But I shall forge ahead. I cast on the fifth square. After that is done I will make a hat to mix it up a little and because I am behind on my hat allotment for our charity project.

A great evening. So great we stood around in the parking lot getting eaten alive by mosquitoes as we finished our conversations. Finally one of the ladies remarked, "Let's go home before we're all down a quart of blood!"

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