Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I was wrong, his name isn't Toby, it's Tobi. Miss D chose the spelling. We're not sure if he's staying because he and Chloe are not attacking each other but don't seem to be working it out. Hopefully that will change as we cannot live with the cat hovering behind the toilet in our bathroom caterwauling everytime she wants food or water.

He's very good with her, lies down, wags his tail and only whines a little, no barking. But she's not having any of it. We've told the kids to stay out of their way and to let them work it out. We've also decided to keep Chloe inside for the duration until they come to an agreement as we don't want her to disappear.

Tobi has lots of toys at this point which is a good thing because he's chewing on them like crazy. He's manage to destroy one "tough chew" already which obviously did not have the right caliber rope for his extra-strong-puppy-jaws-of-death TM. He's in love with rawhide and catfood and it's difficult to convince him to eat his dogfood. I think we may have to get a different brand. He also likes MY chair, hmmmmmm.

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