Wednesday, March 21, 2007

wfmw - potting plants

It's getting to be that time of year when we start thinking about outdoor plants, at least I do. I especially like to have a couple of large pots by the front door, I think it's very welcoming to have that cheery bit of color as you come up to my front door. Those pots get REALLY heavy though. One way to help drain the soil and reduce the weight of the pot is to save your mailing puffies and put them in the bottom of the pot. Just make sure that you have enough soil for your plants for the entire season, I usually put 1/3 puffies and then the dirt, a layer of weedmat and then the dirt. The weedmat helps keep the dirt a little bit separate from the puffies so that I can throw the spent dirt into the compost pile at the end of the summer.

For other great tips wander over to Shannon's.


Rae said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing =)

Kathleen Marie said...

Excellent idea! The pots on my deck can get really heavy. Thank you!

UKZoe said...

If I put pots outside my front door they would get stolen, ho hum!